Hi, I'm Kenny

I'm also known as Your Cancer Guy and the founder of All Talk Oncology. Over the past two decades, I have devoted myself to empowering cancer patients through meaningful conversations. Having personally experience the fear and uncertainty that come with a cancer diagnosis, my mission is to ensure that no cancer fighter or their loved ones feel alone in this challenging journey. I strongly believe in the power of connection and understanding during the healing process, which is why I strive to break down barriers and challenge limiting beliefs through open discussions on my platform.

As a cancer coach, I take a personalized and thorough approach to listening, focusing on establishing trust and respect with each individual I support. Through All Talk Oncology and my coaching work, I have had the privilege of assisting thousands of cancer fighters as they navigate their battles with strength and resilience. I firmly hold onto the belief that with the right support system, no challenge posed by this horrific disease is insurmountable. Together, through a collective effort, we can overcome cancer.