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My mission is to provide cancer patients and caregivers the education and resources they need in order to heal physically and mentally before, during and after their cancer journeys.  As a Cancer Coach, I never stop searching for and providing information about powerful and innovative therapies to heal the whole person, improve quality of life and restore hope.  Are you ready to start your journey towards healing with me?

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Kenny Perkins has more than 20 years experience in the health care industry, he landed in a leadership role where he partnered, negotiated, and implemented cutting-edge technologies for cancer centers. He is also a Motivational Speaker, Personal Trainer, and Entrepreneur. 

Cancer 101 Coaching Package

You’ve just received your diagnosis, and you’re totally overwhelmed. This is the coaching package for you.

- Comprehensive review of diagnosis and individualized integrative care plan.

- Coaching through the different stages of cancer grief using mindfulness practices.

- Educate patient of treatment options and side effects for each.

- Natural methods to help with pain.

- Ongoing coaching support before and after doctor visits and procedures.

- Nutritional Guidance

Cancer Treatment Coaching Package

You’re currently in treatment for your cancer, and you desperately need knowledgeable, support, answers, and guidance.

- Education on supportive ways to manage treatment side effects.

- Continue coaching through the different stages of cancer grief using mindfulness practices.

- Ongoing coaching support before and after doctor visits, procedures and treatments.

- Nutrition education while in  treatment to reduce side effects.

- Create and implement a self-care plan.

- Education on how to decrease the chance of recurrence.

- Ongoing therapeutic support throughout treatment .

Survivorship Coaching Package

You’ve reached remission (WAHOO!), but you still need help reversing the damage chemotherapy and radiation has done to your mind and body.  I’m here for you.

- Health maintenance after cancer treatment by focusing on cancer prevention, boosting your immune system and introducing new ways to maintain a healthy body and mind.

- Create and implement your personalized self-care plan.

- Nutrition and Supplementation coaching.

- Coaching on balancing the mind, body and spirit.

- Continuing  therapeutic support to maintain mental and physical peace.